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PCD Face Mills - Mounting Data

Fine-Set Aluminum Body PCD Face Mills


  • We manufacture our Fine-Set Aluminum Body PCD Milling Cutters to order only – REMOVE COMPLETELY

  • We will design the cutter to your requirements to perform at maximum conditions for the job you need to accomplish.

  • We are able to manufacture step type milling cutters to increase stock removal while maintaining high surface finish and burr-free operation.

  • Our Fine-Set Cutters are excellent for machining sump housings, sump covers, transmission valve bodies, thin channel plates, oil pans, aircraft components, etc. Thin, hard-to-mill parts are milled burr free and with no distortion.

  • High feed, high speed machining of low silicon aluminum

  • High feed, low speed machining of high silicon aluminum and aluminum/ cast iron applications.