PCBN - Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride Cutting Tools


PCBN CNMA-432PCBN cutting tool materials are a revolutionary leap in cutting tool technology. They represent the optimal method for efficient cutting of hardened steels >48 Rc, cast irons, powdered metals, and the elimination of expensive grinding operations after heat treat.

Integrating PCBN tools into your hard turning program will enable you to hold close tolerance, excellent surface finish, and will increase your productivity a minimum of 200%.

  • PCBN inserts allow faster speeds and feeds compared to any other conventional cutting tool material—up to 300% faster cycle times.
  • PCBN inserts reduce scrap and improve workpiece quality with tight dimensional control and excellent surface finishes (8-12 RMS)
  • PCBN inserts optimize machine tool efficiency by increasing production capacity—reducing the need for new equipment. For example: a CNC lathe used in hard turning is about 1/3 the cost of a grinder.
  • PCBN inserts allow multiple machining operations in one chucking on a lathe as opposed to several set-ups with grinding.
  • PCBN cutting tools have a positive environmental impact by reducing or eliminating grinding swarf. These oil-based coolants are costly to dispose of. Most hard turning operations do not require coolant; therefore, the chips can be recycled.

If you’re looking for improved productivity or reduced tooling cost, Mastertech Diamond Products Company has the correct PCBN cutting tool materials for your application.

Our PCBN inserts and brazed tools are manufactured with the finest polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) materials available, selected to suit your application to insure the most cost effective solution to your cutting tool problems.