Contract Services

Contract services to cutting tool manufacturers and distributors

Cutting Tools manufacturers and distributors Because of our high volume capacity,engineering services, and specialized equipment, we can offer a variety of contract manufacturing services to cutting tool manufacturers and distributors:


Vacuum Brazing

Vacuum brazing is a joining technique that offers extremely clean, flux-free brazed joints incorporating high integrity and strength.

Induction Brazing

Induction brazing uses induction coils to produce localized heat and offers precise control over heating rate and final temperature resulting in better insert bonding.

Insert Grinding

Mastertech employs special grinding machines for complete machining of indexable inserts in a wide variety of materials such as tungsten carbide, CBN, PCD and PCBN.

K-Land Grinding

We can produce the exact chamfer your tools require to give you maximum edge life.

Insert Honing

Our insert honing equipment can provide highly accurate edge preparations on all cutting tool materials and geometries, including: Turning & Milling Inserts, Threading and Grooving Tools, and Form Tools.

Coating Services

We offer diamond coatings for end mills, drills, inserts and other tools. Please call us with your specific requirements.

Insert Fabrication

Mastertech can produce inserts to your exacting specifications. And our cutting tools engineers are happy to work with you to help a special insert to meet that demanding application.

Laser Marking

We offer laser marking to permanently identify your parts with logos, part number's, serialization, bar codes, warnings, etc. Our laser marking services are compliant with medical, aerospace and industrial requirements. And we offer quick turnaround times.

Consignment Services

Mastertech Diamond Products is dedicated to working with consistent users of our products in designing cost efficient tool control consignment systems that are operated internally at our customer’s plants.

Please read The Hidden Costs Of Cutting Tools which appeared in the January 2002 issue of Modern Machine Magazine. We hope this helps answer some of your questions of our capabilities about these programs. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your individual requirements



Private Label Services

Mastertech can private label manufacture a wide variety of turning, milling, rotating, multi-dimensional and special tools to your specs. We can produce these tools in all of our standard materials: PCD, CVD, Diamond Coated and PCBN.

Turning Tools

  • Special Inserts To Print
  • Threading Inserts
  • Special Tool Holders & Boring Bars
  • ANSI & ISO Standard Inserts
  • ISO Indexable Cartridges
  • Threading Tool Holders
  • Cutoff And Grooving Inserts

Milling Tools

  • Special Milling Bodies
  • Face Milling Cutters
  • Milling Inserts
  • Special Milling Inserts To Print
  • Long Edge End Mills
  • T-Slot Cutters
  • Countersink End Mills
  • Shoulder Milling Cutters
  • Shell Mill Cutters
  • Slotting Cutters

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