PCD Inserts Grade Selection

Mastertech ProductsSelecting the optimum grade of PCD tooling for a specific application is generally a function of surface finish requirements and tool life expectations. Material removal rates, tool geometries, and material characteristics also affect the relationship between machining productivity, tool life and surface finish.

Coarse grade PCD inserts are designed with a larger diamond particle size than a fine grade PCD. Generally, PCD inserts with larger diamond particles exhibit greater abrasion resistance, but result in a rougher cutting edge. Conversely, smaller diamond particles will result in a sharper cutting edge, producing a superior workpiece surface finish, but tool life is reduced.

In conjunction with the major polycrystalline diamond (PCD) material manufacturers, MASTERTECH DIAMOND has optimized our tooling to meet all specific application requirements for our customers.

 UF  0.5 Great Surface Finish
High Impact Resistance
 VF  1.0
 G  5.0 General Uses
Excellent Wear Resistance
Good Surface Finish
 M  10.0
 C  25.0 High Wear Resistance
Superior Tool Life
High Shock Resistance
 MM  30.0
 Blank Type:  X - Throw Away  
   Z - Standard